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Training and Education

Education is at the core of everything we do. Recognising that different people learn in different ways, we offer a variety of educational experiences designed to help individuals revolutionise the culture of care and ageing in their organisations and the broader community.

The Eden Alternative, although based on a simple philosophy, is a comprehensive approach that has to be applied and lived by all parties involved to ensure that the quality of life of residents and employees is improved.

For this reason, we suggest that employees on all levels, as well as families, must be informed, educated and encouraged to actively engage in their role in this culture-change process.

Successful implementation of the Eden Alternative requires a commitment from owners, boards of management, managers and all staff to support those within their organisation who are genuinely able to effect change when providing care services to elders or residents, including relatives and the wider community. Commitment requires deep understanding and insight.

How to Introduce the Eden Alternative to your Organisation

Step 1: Learn more about the philosophy. The best way to introduce this to your leaders is through the Eden Alternative: An Introduction session. (Click to read more...)

The Eden Alternative: An Introduction

Open the hearts of everyone who lives and works within your organisation with this compelling introduction to the power of the Eden Alternative’s ten Principles. This learning experience is a meaningful way to introduce the way of life in a person-centred care culture, especially to board members and management. Once hearts are opened, minds will follow.

Gain a fundamental understanding of the Eden Alternative
Be inspired to join the culture-change journey
Learn why change is important to the well-being of the whole care partner team

Who should do this training?

  1. Board members and management staff.

Presented: On request throughout the year.

Step 2: Have the core leadership team of employees attend the Certified Eden Alternative Associate training and become Eden Associates.

Certified Eden Associate Training

Three day course – CPD accredited

Certified Eden Associate Training, an exciting and challenging three-day journey into the world of person-centred care and culture change, has been changing lives for over 20 years. As the most widely practised, comprehensive approach to person-centred care, Certified Eden Associate Training has been proven to offer practical tools, resources and inspiration to empower individuals and teams to initiate and maintain effective change in long-term care.

Through our ten-principle approach to person-centred care, participants will:

  • Tap into cutting-edge approaches in the person-centred care movement
  • Return to their organisation or home equipped and inspired to initiate change
  • Gain powerful team-building skills to strengthen care partnerships
  • Learn how person-centred care drives improved quality and financial performance
  • Get connected to a broad network of person-centred care resources worldwide
  • Contribute to reframing the culture of care and perceptions of ageing in our society.

Who should do this training?

  • Leadership teams from organisations along the entire care continuum seeking to grow their teams and transform their organisational culture
  • Representatives of long-term care communities interested in initiating a culture-change journey. This flagship training is an essential first step for organisations wishing to adopt the Eden Alternative philosophy and join the Eden Register
  • Long-term care ombudsmen and policymakers interested in learning more about person-centred care.

NOTE: Attendees will be expected to complete an assignment after the course, which will acknowledge them as Eden Associates on a national register.

CLICK HERE for more information on upcoming training sessions. 

Read some of the comments of those that attended this training.

Here a care community on the Eden Registry shares their take on the value of this training.

2020  – Investment (fees)

In-House Group training

Let us come to you and deliver your chosen course or workshop at your nominated venue. This option offers substantial savings, convenience, flexibility and team building opportunities.

  • Smaller groups of attendees offer opportunity for better quality interactions. More time for questions and discussions of unique challenges within the specific organisation.
  • Opportunity for plans and strategies to be compiled specific to the organisation.
  • Can serve as a team building session for employees.
  • No extra cost for transport and accommodation to attend training elsewhere.

We recommend between 15 – 25 attendees.

Interested? Please contact Magda at 062 086 1158 / magda@edenalt.co.za and let’s make it happen.

Other Eden Alternative Training

  • Leadership Pathways to Culture Change, Two day course – CPD Accredited. 
  • GROWTH: Six Steps to Implementing Change, Two day course. 
  • Domains of Well-Being, One day course. 

Click here to learn more about each course

Download info sheet here

For Eden Registered Homes only

  • CARE PARTNERS: Putting Person-Centred Values into Practice, One day course.

Associate Training Feedback

Become an Eden Associate

Eden Alternative Associates have successfully completed three-day training in the principles and practices of the Eden Alternative. This training is delivered around the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and in South Africa by certified Eden educators. Over 30,000 people have completed the training to date, and the results have been very encouraging.

The Associate training teaches the Ten Principles of the Eden Alternative, and gives specific suggestions and guidelines for putting them into practice. It encourages attendees to roll up their sleeves and put what they’ve learnt into action, while serving as an inspiration and leader − regardless of their professional role − to those around them.

The training helps participants learn more about each other and creates communities of support for after attendees have left the training. Many people who work in long-term-care organisations are Eden Associates. However, this training is open to everyone.

All participants who successfully complete the requirements of this course attain the status of Certified Eden Associate, a title that is recognised across the globe.

By attending the three-day Eden Associate Training, Eden Associates have earned the right to teach and share the vision of Eden in their own communities. Many organisations send as many people as possible to our Associate Training, as the special experience of becoming an Eden Associate is invaluable in making the commitment to the Eden journey.

Find the next Eden Associate training here.

Our Available Training Workshops

Eden education and training options include in-house group training and open training sessions.
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Consultation Services

Dig deeper, reach further and grow faster with an Eden Path to Mastery Guide

Path to Mastery Guides work collaboratively with the leadership teams to:


Assess the current environment and identify opportunities to improve


Help build an action plan with clear goals and objectives


Identify tools and resources available to achieve on-target, sustainable outcomes


Provide guidance and education suited to the organisation’s unique culture


Serve as a resource for the team by providing ongoing support


Share personal stories and best practices that reinforce person-directed concepts


Teach the Eden Alternative philosophy and its Ten Principles


Guide the organisation along the Path to Mastery

I think to use one word to describe this journey – I would say that it’s been an incredible journey – it has its highs and lows. There has been so much growth on
a professional level and on a personal level. From an organisational point it’s been amazing to watch the leadership team and how the other teams throughout the organisation have progressed from silo service delivery to imagining a different way of being. – Femada Shamam, CEO of TAFTA

To learn more about Eden Path to Mastery Guide consultation services, contact the Eden Alternative Home Office at info@edenalt.co.za.