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The Path to Mastery

An organisation embarking on culture change is asking two strategic questions to guide its planning:
“What are we trying to create?”  and “How do we make it happen?”

At The Eden Alternative®, the quest to answer these two questions inspired the creation of the Path to Mastery™: The Art of Creating a Caring Community.

A thoughtfully-articulated roadmap for effecting meaningful change, the Path to Mastery is based on the Eden Alternative’s Ten Principles and 20 years of best practices for bringing them to life. Composed of four milestones, The Path to Mastery provides a common language and goals that guide organisations from the full continuum of care along their culture change journey. Organisations using the Path to Mastery as a strategic tool for change and growth strive for the same outcomes, yet how they attain them is a unique reflection of the people who live and work there.

The Path to Mastery frames an organisation’s growth and development as a member of the Eden Registry. To learn more about the Path to Mastery, contact the Eden Alternative Home Office at 062 086 1158 / magda@edenalt.co.za

Milestone 1 -

  • Is a call to action for leadership teams. Developing a plan for the transformation ahead involves revisiting their organisational mission and vision, determining a strategy for measuring success, and defining how the process of change will unfold. Completion of Milestone 1 marks an organisation’s eligibility to apply for Eden Registry membership.
  • Learn more about and order the Milestone 1 Resource Guide & Milestone 1 Toolkit.

Milestone 2 -

  • Reflects leadership’s commitment to spreading culture change throughout the organisation and preparing everyone to take an active role in change initiatives. As leadership’s vision moves from dream to reality, employees begin to recognize their role in developing a caring community by identifying strengths and building on what they each bring to the journey.
  • Milestone 2 materials are only available to Eden Registry Members.

Milestone 3 -

  • Drives empowerment and growth of the entire care partner team while moving decisions into the hands of the care recipients and those working most closely with them. Decisions, once under the authority of management, are now in the hands of empowered care partner teams. The voice and choice of individuals receiving care direct the rhythm of daily life, no matter where they live, and systems and processes are redesigned to support their preferences.
  • Milestone 3 materials are only available to Eden Registry Members.

Milestone 4 -

  • Reflects the most innovative practices currently implemented by culture change leaders today. Relationships are close and roles are blended, creating a resilient, flexible, and highly responsive team with a strong sense of ownership. Leaders grow other leaders, who, in turn, have developed the capacity to influence the success of other organisations on the culture change journey.
  • Milestone 4 materials are only available to Eden Registry Members.

The Eden Registry

The Eden Registry honours those organisations committed to the challenging work of
transforming traditional approaches to care into a person-directed alternative.

Guided by the four Milestones of the Path to Mastery, Eden Registry Members form a dedicated group of change agents committed to creating vibrant, life-affirming environments, where each person matters and everyone has opportunities for growth, regardless of age or abilities.

Joining the Eden Registry highlights your organisation as one that is stepping up to create a life worth living, wherever Elders call home.  Today, there are hundreds of Eden Registry Members around the globe from across the full continuum of care. Their best practices frame a clearinghouse of information, techniques, and support they can both learn from and share with other organisations on a culture change journey.

Joining the Eden Registry

Joining the Registry may take as little as six months, if you have already begun your culture change journey, or as much as 12-18 months, if you are new to person-directed care. In either case, The Eden Alternative has tools and resources to help you succeed, including:

  • Resource Guides and toolkits for each Path to Mastery Milestone
  • Registry Support to provide individualized assistance
  • Eden Path to Mastery Guides to support the growth of leadership teams
  • Ongoing educational offerings and training kits.

For more details, read the Journey to joining the Eden SA Register. To receive a Registry application and get answers to additional questions please contact the Eden Home office at 062 086 1158 or email Magda at magda@edenalt.co.za.