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Other Eden Alternative Training

Leadership Pathways to Culture Change

Secrets of Success for Long-Term Care Leaders

Culture change leaders have identified that the most essential ingredient for success is strong leadership. Leadership is a skill set, just as management is. Through this intensive 2-day training, participants will learn how to influence others to move in a positive direction via principle-based empowerment and decision-making. This training builds on the insights offered through Principle Ten of the Eden Alternative Philosophy.

Participants will:

  1. Identify leadership strengths needed to guide a culture change journey;
  2. Practice leadership skills that will improve performance;
  3. Learn how to create a shared vision to guide the organization; and
  4. Return with resources, tools and information to grow other leaders.

GROWTH: Six Steps to Implementing Change

This enlightening 2-day training provides a clear step-by-step model to guide individuals and teams in implementing and managing change. Using the 6-step GROWTH model, participants will learn how to methodically work through a logical process that applies to personal, team, and organizational transformation. GROWTH builds on the insights offered through Principle Nine of the Eden Alternative Philosophy.

G = Get Real

R = Reach Out

O = Open Up and Dream

W = Work Up a Plan

T = Take Action

H = Hold Steady and Reach Further

Participants will:

  1. Leave with a simple, applied model that includes guiding questions;
  2. Gather tools that help move people through the process of change;
  3. Strategize with fellow attendees to overcome the challenges of implementing and managing change in the complex world of Eldercare; and
  4. Develop a specific action plan designed to sustain your culture change journey

Domains of Well-Being

The ultimate goal of culture change is well-being for all. The Eden Alternative identified seven primary Domains of Well-Being: Identity, Growth, Autonomy, Security, Meaning, Connectedness and Joy.

Join this 1-day experiential workshop discovering the power of shifting your focus to strengths, possibilities, dreams and goals.

Participants will:

  • Understand the value of integrating the domains of well-being in everyday life;
  • Understand how the Eden Principles and Domains of Well-being are interwoven;
  • Be given the tools to change the perceptions of “difficult behaviour”